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This topic covers release information for AppDynamics SAP monitoring version 4.4.1812.0.


SAP GUI Monitoring

  • Added business transaction correlation with SQL trace for SAP releases 7.40 and higher. If SQL trace (ST05) is running while taking a snapshot, the ABAP agent adds the top SQL statements into the snapshot.
  • RFC calls to non-ABAP systems are now displayed in the flowmap for SAPGUI transactions.

HTTP SDK Installation

  • Added support for custom SSL certificate files (on-premise Controller).
  • Added support for HTTP proxy user and password authentication.


  • Reworked log downloader provides more information in separate log files.
  • ST22 dumps linked to AppDynamics and Datavard Insights are now included into downloaded logs.
  • Improved ABAP trace and SQL trace error handling adds more visibility via application logs.


Other Changes

  • Application event details are now duplicated into event properties to enable advanced event filtering.
  • Automatic correlation of incoming HTTP traffic that contains a valid correlation header is now supported.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed bug for NW Gateway monitoring for NW Gateway release 7.40 SP09 and lower.
  • Fixed overhead on JCo monitoring when the RFC user was missing authorization to call AppDynamics function modules.
  • Fixed language dependencies for list boxes in AppDynamics settings that caused issues with creation of certain match rule types.
  • Added handling of suspended background job for STAD collector.
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