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This topic covers release information for AppDynamics SAP monitoring version 4.4.1811.


The following enhancements were added to this release.

SAP GUI Monitoring 

  • GUI monitoring supports outgoing RFC and HTTP calls
  • Added RFC update (UPD) errors to transaction snapshots
  • Added STAD Collector status to AppDynamics status Check (/DVD/APPD_STATUS)

SAP UI5 (Fiori) End-user Monitoring

Browser EUM is now possible for SAP Fiori applications. If enabled, the Javascript agent code is injected into HTML pages of the Fiori application which monitors the end-user experience.

Support for 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS

Extended supported platforms of HTTP SDK to Microsoft Windows OS for local installation (Microsoft Windows support only for local execution, Linux gateway is still needed for remote execution).

Custom installation Directory for HTTP SDK

Choosing custom installation directory for HTTP SDK on first run of /DVD/APPD_SDK transaction. Later changes of installation directory are possible through /DVD/APPD_SDK >> EDIT / Change Directory.

Resolved Issues

  • Startup script does not delete configuration file anymore
  • UTF-8 support for BT URL and Data Collectors
  • JCo plugin hanging connections when used with iDoc library
  • A performance bug in HTTP match rule logic was resolved

Known Issues

Correlation between browser EUM and ABAP Agent/HTTP SDK business transactions are not yet supported.

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