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This topic covers release information for AppDynamics SAP monitoring version 4.4.1806.


The following enhancements were added to this release.

Automated SDK Installation (Linux Only)

The HTTP SDK installation is automated on Linux application servers. An ABAP program installs the HTTP SDK, including C++ SDK and the dependencies, that is included in the SAP transport request. The ABAP program for automated installation deploys all the necessary files to all the application servers.

This feature is not available on non-Linux application servers. Install the SDK manually on the Linux Gateway server to support non-Linux application servers.

Advanced Match Rules

The match rules for business transactions work similar to the match rules defined on the AppDynamics Controller. Inbound JCo RFC filter has been removed from match rules.


Basic system information and status of relevant AppDynamics components are available in the downloaded logs. The Application log icon changes to indicate that errors are added to the AppDynamics log objects in the last hour.

SAP Dashboard Generator

The /DVD/APPD_GENERATE_DASHBOARD program generates dashboards in JSON format. Two standard SAP dashboards and four HANA-specific dashboards are bundled with ABAP Agent and they contain useful widgets built from SAP metrics.

Application Name and Tier are mandatory values in the Path to select metrics to generate dashboards. Import the resulting JSON files manually into the Controller by using the Application Configuration > Tier/Node Dashboards option. Enable reporting metrics to the Controller, activate the Datavard Insights collectors, add the SAP custom metrics to the Controller. Missing these settings, the widgets will exclude non-existent metrics from the dashboards.

JCo plugin

The scope of JCo plugin was extended to cover AS java outbound RFC functionality. SAP Java Resource Adapter (JRA) is partially handled.

Resolved issues

  • Startup log of external HTTP SDK is now correctly populated after HTTP SDK startup. Earlier it was populated only after the instance was stopped.

  • Performance of log file access in SDK Manager is optimized. Load time is reduced by up to 90% for very large files.

  • The asynchronous snapshot issue has been fixed. The HTTP services running without a username caused this issue earlier.

  • An issue caused by empty value being added to snapshot has been fixed.

  • RFC destination types have been expanded in JCo plugin. Most destination types are now supported.

  • Java detection, version check, and JAVA_HOME override functionalities are added to the SDK Manager startup script.

  • Multi-origin scenarios are now correctly handled by SAP Gateway instrumentation.

  • HTTP SDK port field is now displayed correctly when switching to remote HTTP SDK in AppDynamics settings.

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