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This topic covers release information for AppDynamics SAP monitoring version 4.4.1805.


The following enhancements were added to this release.

Upgrade to C++ SDK 4.4.5

  • The ABAP agent has been upgraded to use C++ SDK version 4.4.5, which simplifies installation and improves performance and communication stability between the SAP system and the AppDynamics controller.
  • The C++ SDK is delivered together with the HTTP SDK, so no separate installation steps are required.
  • Installation of the Java proxy is no longer needed.
  • Support for the AppDynamics Controller now includes version 4.4. 

Log Download

SDK logs and SAP application logs can be downloaded for troubleshooting with AppDynamics Customer Support. All logs are available using the SAP transaction /DVD/APPD_STATUS.

New Licensing for SAP Analytics

License installation for SAP analytics was simplified. You no longer need to enter information manually, the new license key contains all relevant information. 

Resolved Issues

Improved performance for trace processing

Processing of collected ABAP and SQL traces was redesigned for asynchronous execution. Previously, the trace files were processed in the work process of the monitored business transaction, creating overhead in the transaction runtime. The traces are now processed in a separate work process which will not affect business transaction runtime.


Note: Additional work processes are only utilized for transaction snapshots near the end of the transaction.

HANA expense statements not detected for JCo calls

During the JCo calls to the ABAP system, the HANA expense statements were not detected due to incorrect session handling and correlation with DB records.


Dumps when displaying big log files

Paging for the log file display was added to prevent SAP GUI crashes when displaying huge log files.

Compatibility issue with SAP Basis
Fixed compatibility issue with SAP Basis release 7.11 SP11
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