The Server Dashboard shows resource utilization metrics of your containerized applications, the Kubernetes pods on which they are running, and the underlying host machine. You can access the Server Dashboard from the Servers tab in the Controller UI. The Servers page lists all the servers, Kubernetes worker machines, and containers that are registered to the Controller. Double-click the worker machine name to view its dashboard. 

In this dashboard, you can:

  • View charts of key performance metrics for the selected monitored worker machine and for the containers associated with it.
    • CPU, memory, and network usage percentages
    • Properties of the Worker machine and associated containers
    • Disk, partition, and volume metrics
    • Top 10 processes consuming CPU resources and memory
  • Change the time period of the metrics displayed.
  • See an assessment of the overall health of the server, as determined by whether any health rules have been violated. 
  • View Health Rule Status in the UI.
  • See the hierarchy or grouping of the worker machine as specified in the controller-info.xml using the machine-path configuration property.

To view the container-specific resource metrics, open the Container Detail page. To do so, select the Containers tab and choose a container associated with the selected worker machine. 

In the Container Detail page you can view:

  • Container Name, Container Hostname, Container ID, Container Image ID, Container Image Name, the time at which container started
  • CPU, memory, network, and memory and CPU trend.
  • Kubernetes tags that you have added to the pods.

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