Follow these steps to upgrade the Synthetic Private Agent:

  1. Sign on to the host machine of the Synthetic Private Agent.
  2. From your desktop, double-click the Stop Agent shortcut icon.
  3. Copy the file C:\appdynamics\synthetic-agent\synthetic-driver\conf\synthetic-driver.yml to C:\Desktop\synthetic-driver.yml.
  4. Delete the directory C:\appdynamics.
  5. From the AppDynamics Download site, download the latest version of the Synthetic Private Agent.
  6. Move the zip file of the Synthetic Private Agent to the host machine.
  7. Unzip the Synthetic Private Agent.
  8. Prepare the following information for the installation:
    • EUM Account name
    • Location name
    • Location ID
    • Latitude/latitude of the location

      If you don't recall this information, you can refer to the location and privateClient objects in the C:\Desktop\synthetic-driver.yml file.

  9. Run the installer
  10. Once you've completed the installation,  delete the YAML configuration file C:\Desktop\synthetic-driver.yml.
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