1. Remove the include statement for the AppDynamics Apache Agent from the HTTP server configuration. For example in httpd.conf—on Ubuntu and Debian, this file is called apache2.conf—remove this line:

    Include conf/appdynamics_agent.conf
  2. Restart the web server.

  3. Optionally remove the following files:
    • libmod_appdynamics.so—for Apache 2.4.x—or libmod_appdynamics22.so—for Apache 2.2.x—from the web server modules directory, if your administrator put it there

    • appdynamics_agent.conf or similar from the web server configuration directory

  4. Kill the proxy process. 
  5. Uninstall the agent:

    <agent_install_directory>/install.sh -u
  6. Optionally remove any remaining AppDynamics files:

    • <agent_install_directory>

    • /tmp/appd-sdk

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