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How do I troubleshoot the Network Agent?

Network Agent Logs

If you notice any performance issues related to the agent, do the following:

  1. Stop the network agent:
    1. For ZIP packages:
      1. Identify the agent process: ps ef | grep \ appd-netagent
        The output provides the process ID (PID) of the Network Agent process.
      2. kill <network_agent_PID>
    2. For RPM and DEB packages: sudo service appd-netviz stop
  2. Check the following log files under <network-agent-install>/logs:
    1. appd-netmon.log
    2. appd-netagent.log.log

Network Agent Health Rule

The following default Health Rule is also useful for troubleshooting Network Agents: 
     Network-Host: Packet drops too high
This rule triggers an alert when packets get dropped between a Network Agent and the host interface. A high rate of packet drops on the host can result in inaccurate metrics.

If the issue persists, run the script available in the bin/ folder in the agent directory and share the logs with your support contact to expedite troubleshooting. This script is available for Network Agent version 4.5.9 or above only.

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