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The following notes describe 4.5.x updates to the Machine Agent.

If an artifact has been updated, the version number of the updated artifact and its availability date are listed below. The version number corresponds to that shown on the download portal (http://download.appdynamics.com).

The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

4.5.2 Updates

Version – October 8, 2018

  • Starting in 4.5.2, the machine agent is backwards compatible with Controller versions 4.4.0 and newer.
Resolved Issues
SERVER4467Machine Agent not collecting data when collector script contains non-ASCII characters
SERVER-4720The HardwareMonitor extension (OS Specific) reports incorrect memory metrics on RHEL 7.x when REPORT_MEMORY_FREE_AS_MEMORY_AVAILABLE is enabled.
SERVER-4892Machine agent should retrieve agent truststore from the <machine_agent_home>/conf directory, not the <machine_agent_home> directory.

4.5.0 Updates

July 11, 2018

Important Note about Changes in Dynamic Monitoring from Previous Releases 

Starting in release 4.5, Dynamic Monitoring Mode (DMM) is enabled by default on all Standalone Machine Agents. Because the default mode for all agents is KPI, only KPI metrics are collected by default in this release. This is true for the following metrics:

This change can affect any user-defined features created in previous releases that rely on Diagnostic or Advanced Diagnostic metrics. Examples include Health Rules, Dashboards, and scripts with metric API calls. 

AppDynamics strongly recommends that you disable these user-defined features, edit them to use KPI metrics instead, or increase the Dynamic Monitoring Mode on the relevant agents. 

For more information, see

  • The Standalone Machine Agent is now supported on Windows Server 2016.
  • The Standalone Machine Agent is no longer supported on Windows Server 2008 or Debian 7.
Resolved Issues


Machine Agent cannot collect OS info on Red Hat Extended Linux 7.4


Enabling sim.machines.reuse.enabled sometimes results in thread pool saturation and prevents Standalone Machine Agent from communicating with Controller


In some cases, Machine Agent stops collecting process metrics even after machine/global max thresholds are increased


Machine agent is not reporting processes, networks, and volumes when running in Container


Machine Agent not reporting metrics on docker when process command contains space


Hierarchy name check is case-sensitive, which prevents Standalone Machine Agent registration


Number of CPUs reported by Standalone Machine Agent is sometimes inaccurate on Windows


Cannot update RPM Standalone Machine Agent due to a packaging error

Known Issues
  • Reset Machine Agent action on the AppDynamics Agents window is not available for 4.4 and higher Machine Agents.
  • (Windows only) The JavaHardwareMonitor extension and the ServerMonitoring extension (introduced in 4.2) assign network names differently. If you have any health rules based on JavaHardwareMonitor names, and you want to use these rules with the ServerMonitoring extension, you will need to update the names that these rules are based on.