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To access: top navigation bar > Servers > Events

You can see Machine Agent events on the Server Events list and on the Application Events list for applications associated with the machine agent. To access the Application Events list, see Monitor Events.

Machine Agent events include the following:

Custom Events

Custom events include events generated by the extensions and Service Availability Monitoring events. Service Availability Monitoring events are custom events that are sent to the controller periodically and for every state change in the service's health. 

Events triggered by extensions are custom events and also display on the Servers > Events list.

If you want to view custom events in the application Events list, you can add them to the event list filters.

Agent Internal Diagnostic Events


  • Description – Diagnostic information concerning agent activity, such as resetting a machine agent. The reset functionality works only for pre 4.2 Machine Agents.
  • Category – AppDynamics Internal Diagnostics


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