AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    This page lists the resolved issues for the agents, the Controller (on-premises or SaaS), and the on-premises platform in the 20.10 release. 

    When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown in the AppDynamics Downloads Portal.

    You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

    Agent Resolved Issues

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    CDM-5817iOS AgentMAT is retained across calls when config.collectorChannel is set20.10.0
    JAVA-8537Java Agent

    After upgrading the Java Agent version 4.5.9 to 20.8, the OSB Rules are not applied correctly

    JAVA-8436Java Agent

    When Java Agent 20.9 is instrumented with JDK 15, the agent does not start and throws a Null Pointer Exception error

    JAVA-8399Java Agent

    Snapshots are not generated, even though they are reported to the controller

    JAVA-8009Java Agent

    The agent is unable to find the matching AgentBackendDiscoveryConfig as it is unable to extract the database names for the Oracle RAC connection 

    JAVA-7898Java Agent

    The Java Agent cannot be dynamically attached to the Java 11 process

    JAVA-7775Java Agent

    The JVM tab displays empty contents for the Java Agent installed on Docker and instrumented with JDK11

    JAVA-7713Java Agent

    java.lang.IllegalStateException is reported due to incomplete instrumentation and a race condition seen under heavy load

    NODEJS-10Node.js AgentMark Nodes as Historical API causes C++ Rest SDK errors on shutdown20.10.0
    NODEJS-245Node.js AgentRemove request package from the Node.js Agent20.10.0
    NODEJS-261Node.js AgentUpgrade Java proxy to version
    NODEJS-285Node.js AgentRemove console.log(process.env); from Node.js Installer script20.10.0


    Machine AgentResolved high CPU usage caused while executing WmiPrvSE.exe process commands20.10.0


    Machine AgentReports correct CPU usage date for AIX systems20.10.0


    Machine AgentEnglish Locale set for AIX collector to parse output correctly20.10.0

    Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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    ALERT-6669Alert and RespondDrill down for health rule violation and affected entities display blank results20.10.0
    ALERT-6767Alert and RespondApplication with id:-1 does not exist error is displayed when you access the health rules using the dashboard and click on Critical or Warning tab20.10.0
    ALERT-6781Alert and RespondSupport "Overall Application Performance" type health rules through "Alerting Templates" for EUM-enabled APM applications20.10.1
    ALERT-7379Alert and RespondUnable to save action suppression for EUM-enabled applications20.10.1
    AMCSEV-743App Monitoring Cloud Services
    Node count on the Dashboard does not match the node count on the Node panel20.10.0
    AMCSEV-768App Monitoring Cloud Services
    Custom transaction match rules cannot be created from Snapshot screen20.10.0
    AMCSEV-808App Monitoring Cloud ServicesJava Agent version not displayed correctly on Tier & Nodes20.10.0
    AMCSEV-862App Monitoring Cloud Services
    Backend discovery rules losing data upon enabling or disabling20.10.0
    AMCSEV-885App Monitoring Cloud Services
    Java Agent version not displayed correctly on Tier & Nodes. Backport to 20.820.8.0, 20.10.0
    AMCSEV-1170App Monitoring Cloud ServicesEnable Automated Transaction Diagnostics in the Controller by default20.10.1
    ANALYTICS-11516Application AnalyticsUI not setting start and end timestamps correctly in ADQL aggregation query20.10.0
    ANALYTICS-12809Application AnalyticsSelected options do not attach the correct options in Add Business Journeys20.10.0
    ANALYTICS-12926Application AnalyticsLimit error messages and stack traces in Business Transactions to 8191 characters20.10.0
    BRUM-6243Browser RUMCreating EUM Application using Getting Started Wizard fails with error20.10.0
    CDM-6544Mobile RUMCorrect Fragment Start Event type typo in the Collector20.10.0
    CDM-6571Mobile RUMCreate unit test cases for IP Header and Geo resolution handling for mobile beacons20.10.0
    CLUSTERMON-1948Cluster MonitoringThe Pods tab does not display data20.10.0
    CLUSTERMON-2090Cluster MonitoringCluster Agent runs out of database space when persisting the agent registration request20.10.2
    DBMON-6816Database VisibilityThe Metric Browser displays a 504 Error when you launch it for the first time20.10.0
    DBMON-6937Database VisibilityThe Custom Metrics tab displays a 500 internal error 20.10.0
    DBMON-6947Database VisibilityThe database health rules are not evaluated for the collectors with the view permissions20.10.0
    DBMON-7055Database VisibilityThe memory metrics are not displayed for the Oracle 11g database20.10.0
    DBMON-7060Database VisibilityThe Transaction Snapshot is not displayed for the Oracle Cluster20.10.0
    DIAGPLAT-767APMNo RSD found for filter error in /snapshot/getRequestSegmentDatav220.10.0
    DIAGPLAT-925APMFiltering incorrect for the Service Endpoints in the getRequestSegmentsByFilterHandle API20.10.0
    Some top summary stats (TSS) are bound to the wrong ID20.10.0
    DIAGPLAT-994APMAdded a filter to the REST endpoint /restui/events/query to curtail unexpected results20.10.3
    L4A-8473AccountsWhen passing multiple groups, the SAML Access Attribute does not work20.10.0
    L4A-13281AccountsAccount key is appearing in the Controller audit report 20.10.0
    METADATA-9355APMMDS connection pools no longer ignore JDBC parameters in domain.xml20.10.0
    METADATA-9372APMMDS connection pools no longer ignore JDBC parameters in domain.xml20.10.0
    MOBILE-1619Mobile AppFetch push server URL from the Configuration Manager in each notification request20.10.2
    METADATA-5428DashboardsDashboard health status widget appears green even when the health rule shows grey20.10.0
    REPORTS-799ReportsScheduled reports are sent on clicking Save20.10.0
    SERVER-8412Machine AgentService Availability check interval field on UI is corrected to seconds20.10.0
    SVCMON-963Machine AgentExit calls to resolved backends now display on Flow Maps20.10.0

    On-Premises Platform Resolved Issues

    ECONSOLE-6221Enterprise ConsoleEnterprise Console now honors timeouts in Windows Stop Service during upgrade20.10.0
    EUMPLAT-1104EUM ServerUpgrade MySQL to 5.7.3120.10.0
    EUMPLAT-1231EUM ServerThreads blocked in JSON parsing in the gson library20.10.1

    Known Issues

    There are no known issues in the 20.10 release as of yet.

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