AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    Before You Begin

    Ensure that the following requirements are met:

    • Controller installation pre-requisites for both servers are met. See Platform Requirements.
    • Two dedicated machines running Linux. The Linux operating systems can be Fedora-based Linux distributions (such as Red Hat or CentOS) or Debian-based Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu). 
    • In a Controller HA pair, a load balancer should route traffic from the Controller clients (Controller UI users and App Agents) to the active Controller. Before starting, make sure that a load balancer is available in your environment and that the virtual IP address for the Controller pair is known as presented by the load balancer.
    • Open port number 3388 between the machines in an HA pair.
    • The login shell must be bash (/bin/bash).
    • A network link connecting the HA hosts can support a high volume of data. The primary and replica must be in the same data center, and there must be a dedicated network link between the hosts.
    • Passwordless ssh has been set up between two Controller hosts. See Set Up the SSH Key.
    • SSH keys on each host allow ssh and rsync operations by the AppDynamics user.  
    • The hosts file (/etc/hosts) on both Controller machines should contain entries to support reverse lookups for the other node in the HA pair.
    • Because Controller licenses are bound to the network MAC address of the host machine, the HA replica Controller requires an additional HA license. You should request a secondary license for HA purposes in advance.  
    • While adding high availability hosts as part of the add host operation, you determine and provide the remote user, of which the Controller needs to be installed as. The platform path you specify (while creating the platform) must be writable on the two HA hosts for the remote user specified during add host operation. 
    • The following packages are installed on both Controller hosts, and the relevant installation commands are provided:
    CommandYum based installer (RH, Centos, Amazon Linux)Apt based installer (Ubuntu)
    sshyum install openssh-serverapt-get install openssh-server
    awkyum install gawkapt-get install gawk
    scpyum install openssh-clientsapt-get install openssh-client
    rsyncyum install rsyncapt-get install rsync
    curlyum install curlapt-get install curl
    sed (GNU)yum install sedapt-get install sed
    opensslyum install opensslapt-get install openssl
    psyum install procpsapt-get install procps
    xmllintyum install libxml2-utilsapt-get install libxml2-utils
    timeout/base64/tryum install coreutilsapt-get install coreutils
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