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With Server Visibility enabled, you can access server performance metrics in the context of your applications. 

After logging into the AppDynamics Controller, and locating your application flow map, you can drill down to Server metrics for a selected tier or node. The Server health summary shows the number of critical/warning/normal conditions for the application’s servers.

Click a tier, such as in this example, Inventory-Services, to see the server details.

From the list of transaction snapshots, you can drill down to server metrics to determine if there is anything suspicious contributing to slow transactions. Double-click a snapshot of interest, drill-down into the call to see the server tab and associated metrics.

On the snapshot Server tab, you can review CPU, memory, and network utilization and examine which processes are consuming server resources.

On the Servers Dashboard tab click APM Correlation.

Click on the APM Correlation link to go to the APM node associated with the server. If there is more than one APM node running on the server, a dialog box appears which allows you to select the desired APM node.

By selecting the APM node, you will be taken to the appropriate APM node Dashboard.

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