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This topic describes how to interpret the details of your Mobile RUM license information.

License Entitlements and Restrictions

For AppDynamics official license details, entitlements, and restrictions, see the following:

License Key

This is the unique identifier that AppDynamics uses to associate Browser RUM, Browser Synthetic, IoT, and Mobile RUM data to your account. From a practical perspective, you only need to know this information for troubleshooting purposes. The same key applies to all four services. However, each product has its own types and metrics for allowed usage. 

License Editions

The two supported license editions for Mobile RUM are described in the table below.

License EditionDescription

Mobile Pro license covers the number of Mobile Pro license units you have purchased.


Mobile Lite license provides one Mobile Lite license unit. If you have not purchased a Mobile Pro account, you will receive a Mobile Lite account.

Mobile Lite gives you:

  • Crash reporting for 2 million Active Agents

  • Percentile-based and static health rules and alerts
  • API Access

Total Mobile RUM Agents Licensed

For a Mobile Pro license, this is the equivalent of the total number of license units licensed by your account.

For a Mobile Lite license, this is one Lite license unit. One Lite license unit includes access to the Crash Dashboard and Crash Snapshots (covering the previous 365 days) for 2 million Active Agents.

Active Agents Allocated

Your Mobile RUM license determines the number of Active Agents allocated per calendar month. Each Mobile Pro license unit provides a number of Active Agents per month per native mobile app instrumented with AppDynamics Mobile SDKs. To get your total number of Active Agents, AppDynamics multiplies the number of licenses you have by the number of Active Agents per license.

You cannot carry over unused Active Agents from month to month.

Active Agent Consumption

The Active Agent usage period begins and the meter resets on the first of each month at 12:00 am PST.  When your license consumption reaches 90% of your monthly allocation, you will see a warning in the Mobile RUM dashboard.


To check your license consumption, go to the gear icon > License.

If your license does not allow overages, AppDynamics stops reporting metrics after your license limit has been reached. If your license does allow overages and your usage exceeds the limit, AppDynamics continues reporting Mobile RUM metrics and bills you for the overages at the unit rate stipulated by your license agreement.