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This topic describes how to interpret the details of your IoT Monitoring license information.

License Key

This is the unique identifier that AppDynamics uses to associate IoT application data to your account. From a practical perspective, you only need to know this information for troubleshooting purposes. The same key applies to Browser RUM, Browser Synthetic Monitoring, and Mobile RUM services. However, each product has its own types and metrics for allowed usage. 

License Editions

The only supported license for IoT Monitoring is the Peak Edition. The Peak edition would include Analytics with the EUM product. See IoT for Connected Devices (SaaS) for details about the license.

Usage Period

The usage period for IoT is always the current month, even if you have a multi-year license.

The usage period begins and the meter resets on the first of each month at 12:00 am Pacific time.

Unique Devices

One unique device is one application instance that is embedded on a connected device (or multiple devices). 

Data Retention and Storage 

See IoT for Connected Devices (SaaS) for the daily storage limit and data retention policy.

Check Usage

From the License page of your Controller UI, you can view your IoT Monitoring license usage in the Connected Devices widget as shown below. The widget displays the license usage percentage. the number of licensed units, the license period, the allowed monthly unique devices, and the number of active monthly unique devices.

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