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The AppDynamics-Compuware Strobe integration gives you the ability to drill down from an SQL Call of a transaction snapshot to view and analyze the calls in Strobe.

Configure Compuware Strobe Integration

  1. To enable and configure Strobe integration, log in the Controller UI as an administrator. 
  2. Click Settings > Administration.
  3. In the Administration window, click the Integration tab and then select Strobe from the Integrations list.

  4. Check the Enabled check box to enable the integration. 

  5. For the Strobe URL, enter the Strobe URL and port number. 

  6. For the Strobe LPAR, enter the name of the logical partition where Strobe is running.
  7. Click Save. 

Launch Strobe from AppDynamics

You can access the View in Strobe option from a transaction snapshot as follows:

  1. From the Business Transactions dashboard, select the Transaction Snapshot tab.
  2. Select a transaction snapshot containing DB2 z/OS database access.
  3. Choose the SQL Calls tab within the snapshot viewer.
  4. Right-click an SQL query and then select View in Strobe from the list of options that appears.


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