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Before you can monitor your Xamarin application, you will need to instrument your application to enable the Xamarin Agent to collect mobile metrics. 

After you have set up and accessed Mobile RUM, follow the instructions below:

  1. Confirm that the Xamarin Agent supports your platform
  2. Understand the limitations of the Xamarin Agent
  3. Instrument a Xamarin Application
  4. Customize the Xamarin Instrumentation (Optional)

Supported Platforms

The Xamarin Agent can only be used with iOS and Android platforms. All other platforms will build and run without errors, but no monitoring will occur.


The Xamarin Agent has the following limitations:

  • Automatic instrumentation is not supported, so you will need to manually report events and metrics.
  • Symbolication is not supported, although the Xamarin Agent does report uncaught exceptions and native application crashes.