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You can deploy the AppDynamics Cluster Agent on a cluster to monitor APM nodes running inside containers and to identify issues. Use the AppDynamics Operator to install the Cluster Agent.

Install the Cluster Agent

 To install the Cluster Agent, follow the steps below:

  1. Verify the Environment
  2. Download the Cluster Agent Bundle
  3. Enable Cluster Agent Support

Verify the Environment

Before starting the installation, verify that you have:

Download the Cluster Agent Bundle

Download the Cluster Agent from the AppDynamics Download portal. The download consists of a zip archive, containing: 

  • Artifacts to build a Docker container image for the Cluster Agent. Follow the instructions in Build the Cluster Agent Container Image to build this container and upload it to your local Docker registry.
  • Configuration files for deploying the AppDynamics Operator to specific Kubernetes distributions, such as OpenShift.
  • A sample configuration directory which includes the cluster-agent.yaml file for configuring the Cluster Agent. See Configure the Cluster Agent.

Controller Settings for the Cluster Agent

If you are using the Cluster Agent, we strongly recommend changing your Controller settings to purge machines more often.

This purging lowers the risk of reaching the SIM Machine Agents 30K limitThere are two properties that work together for purging:

sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillis2592000000 ms (30 days)172800000 ms (2 days)
sim.machines.registrations.update.frequency86400000 ms (1 day)86400000 ms (1 day)

See Controller Settings for Server Visibility for further reference.

Follow the steps below to verify that the sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillis and the sim.machines.registrations.update.frequency properties are set.

Note that the sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillis value should always be greater than the value of sim.machines.registrations.update.frequency to avoid the risk of purging live entities.


For on-premises customers, follow the steps below to modify these properties:

  1. Log in to the Administration Console with the administrator root password.
  2. Select Controller Settings.
  3. In the Controller Settings list, search for the sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillis setting.
  4. In the Value field enter "172800000". 
  5. Click Save.
  6. In the Controller Settings list, search for the sim.machines.registrations.update.frequency setting.
  7. In the Value field enter "86400000".
  8. Click Save.
  9. Log out of the Administrator Console.


Create an AppDynamics Support ticket to have the Cluster Agent properties updated for your account.

This change affects all Server Visibility entities for On-Premises and SaaS environments.

Deploy the Cluster Agent on Kubernetes

  1. Deploy the AppDynamics Operator on Kubernetes
  2. Build the Cluster Agent Container Image
  3. Configure the Cluster Agent
  4. Deploy the Cluster Agent on Kubernetes

Deploy the Cluster Agent on Red Hat OpenShift

  1. Deploy the AppDynamics Operator on Red Hat OpenShift
  2. Build the Cluster Agent Container Image
  3. Configure the Cluster Agent
  4. Deploy the Cluster Agent on Red Hat OpenShift
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