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This page describes how to check version information and the version of components bundled with the EUM Server. This information is useful when troubleshooting the system or performing other administrative tasks. 

AppDynamics maintains and updates the bundled components as part of the AppDynamics Platform. Do not attempt to upgrade a bundled component independently of the platform upgrade procedure.

EUM Server Version

To view the version of your running EUM Server, run the following: 

curl http(s)://<domain-name>:7001/v2/version

To get more information about the EUM Server, see EUM Server Endpoints.

Bundled MySQL Database Version

The AppDynamics EUM Server uses MySQL as its default database, where it stores license/account information, metadata, and applications names. The MySQL database files are installed in <eum_home>/data by default.

The latest AppDynamics release bundles MySQL version 5.7.21.

Bundled Java Version

The EUM Server bundles and uses Java 1.8.0_162. 

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