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Licensing for EUM is separate from Controller licensing. EUM Accounts can be enabled for four distinct license types:

If you have at least one of these license types, you have an EUM Account, which has a name and a license key associated with it.

View EUM License Information

  1. Click the gear icon ()  at the top right of the Controller UI.
  2. Click License.
  3. Scroll down to the User Experience section.

License Key

This is the unique identifier that AppDynamics uses to associate end-user data, Browser RUM, Browser Synthetic, Mobile RUM, and Connected Devices to your account. From a practical perspective, you only need to know this information for troubleshooting purposes. The same key applies to all three services. However, each product has its own types and metrics for allowed usage. 

EUM App Key

This is the unique identifier that AppDynamics uses to associate end-user data to specific EUM applications. Each EUM application will be associated with one EUM App Key. For your applications to be monitored, they will need to include the EUM App Key when reporting data. The EUM App Keys are also associated with an EUM account name and license key.

Changes to the EUM Account Name or License Key

Changing your EUM account name or license key will affect existing EUM App Keys and the EUM applications using those EUM App Keys.

When the EUM Server detects a new EUM account name or license key, it regenerates new EUM App Keys. This is often a concern when renewing an EUM license, when you may try to make changes to the EUM account name or license key.

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