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When you install the .NET Agent on a machine and use automatic tier naming, the agent instruments every IIS application by default. If you do not need to monitor all application pools, disable monitoring for selected pools.

  1. Open the config.xml file for editing as administrator.  See 'Where to Configure Agent Properties' on Administer the .NET Agent

  2. Add the application-pools block as a child of the IIS element. See .NET Agent Configuration Properties

       <!-- Do not instrument applications in DefaultAppPool when "enabled" attribute is set to false -->
       <application-pool name="DefaultAppPool" enabled="false" >
          <tier name="Disabled App Pool" />

    tier is a required element even if you are disabling an app pool.

  3. Set the application-pool element name attribute to the application pool name. This example disables instrumentation for the DefaultAppPool. You may add multiple application-pool elements.

  4. Restart the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service.
  5. Restart IIS.