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You can configure AppDynamics Database Visibility to alert you when certain conditions are met or exceeded for monitored databases, operating systems, and server hardware. Use the Getting Started Wizard to help you through the process if you're new to using AppDynamics Pro. 

You configure Health Rules, Actions, Policies, and Email Digests for monitoring databases almost exactly the same as you would configure these for monitored applications. To view the health rules for your databases, click Alert & Respond > Health Rules and select Databases from the dropdown menu at the top. The Affects tab of the Create Health Rule dialog is specific to Database Health Rules. In the Affects tab, you can apply a database health rule to all databases, all databases of a specific database type, or to select instances of a specific database type being monitored. You select the metrics on which to base the database health rule. The health rule is violated when specified critical or warning conditions are met.

Each Health Rule is only evaluated for the subset of databases or database that you currently have permissions for. If your permissions have changed since you created the Health Rule, then your current permissions are applied to the Health Rule evaluation.

Database Policy Actions are limited to email or SMS message notifications and custom actions that have been uploaded to the Controller.

Once you have defined Health Rules and Actions, you can create a Policy based on a Health Rule to send you an email or an SMS message when a Health Rule is violated.