AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    For your on-premises Synthetic Server to use Synthetic Hosted Agents, you need to configure the on-premises Synthetic Server to communicate with the SaaS EUM Server and SaaS Synthetic Server. 

    Follow these steps to use Synthetic Hosted Agents:

    For a complete list of Synthetic Hosted Agent browser locations, containers, and providers, go to Synthetic Agent Locations. 

    Verify the License Has an HMAC Key

    After you have obtained a license to use the Synthetic Hosted Agent, be sure to check that the license.lic file has the property_eum-hmac-key field that is assigned a keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) similar to the following:


    The HMAC key is used to authenticate your on-prem deployment to the SaaS EUM Server and the SaaS Synthetic Server. Without the HMAC key, your on-premises Synthetic Server will not be able to use Synthetic Hosted Agents.

    Apply the License 

    To apply the license:

    1. Copy the license file to the Controller home directory. After moving the license file, allow up to 5 minutes for the license change to take effect.
    2. Follow the instructions given in Provision EUM Licenses based on your deployment.

    Configure the Connection to the SaaS EUM and Synthetic Servers

    Configure the connections from the on-prem Synthetic Server to the SaaS EUM and Synthetic Servers based on the region where you have an EUM account.

    SaaS EUM Account in the Americas

    If your SaaS EUM account is in the Americas, do not change the following default settings given in inputs.groovy:

    feeder_server_url = "wss://"
    saas_cloud_api_url = ""

    SaaS EUM Account in Other Regions

    If your SaaS EUM account is not in the Americas, follow these instructions to configure your on-premises Synthetic Server to use the SaaS EUM Server and SaaS Synthetic Server in your region.

    1. From the on-premises Synthetic Server, edit the inputs.groovy file. 

    2. For the feeder_server_url and saas_cloud_api_url fields, enter the SaaS URLs for your region. 

      feeder_server_url = "wss://" 
      saas_cloud_api_url = ""
      feeder_server_url = "wss://" 
      saas_cloud_api_url = ""

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