AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    For the Synthetic Server to function correctly, you need to set the URLs and ports of Synthetic Scheduler and Synthetic Shepherd in the Controller Administration Console.

    1. Navigate to the Controller Administration Console: http://<hostname>:<port>/controller/admin.jsp
    2. Click Controller Settings.
    3. From the Controller Configurations pane, enter the correct values for the properties given in the table below. If no protocol is specified, the protocol defaults to https://.

      Controller ConfigurationDescriptionExample Value
      eum.synthetic.onprem.installationThe flag for enabling on-premises Synthetic Server. This should be true.true
      eum.synthetic.scheduler.hostThe URL and port to the Synthetic Scheduler on the machine hosting the Synthetic Server. The default port is 12101.http://<synthetic-server-domain>:12101
      eum.synthetic.shepherd.hostThe URL and port to the Synthetic Shepherd on the machine hosting the Synthetic Server. The default port is 10101.http://<synthetic-server-domain>:10101
    4. Your configurations for the Synthetic Server should be similar to those in the screenshot of the Controller Configurations pane below.

      Controller Configuration Settings

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