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To monitor Couchbase with Database Visibility, you must be running Couchbase 4.5 and higher.  And the version of the Database Agent should be higher than 4.5 to monitor Couchbase databases. 

Connection Details

Database TypeThe database type that you want to monitor.
Database AgentThe Database Agent that manages the collector.
NameThe name you want to identify the collector by.
Hostname or IP AddressThe hostname or IP address of the machine that your database is running on.
DatabaseThe name of the database instance that you want to monitor.
Listener PortThe TCP/IP address of the port on which your database communicates with the Database Agent
Custom JDBC Connection String

The JDBC connection string generated by the database agent, for example, jdbc:db2://. You can also specify a custom connection string, which is useful for setting custom authentication options.

UsernameThe name of the user who is connecting to and monitoring the database through the Database Agent. The user should have the permissions described in User Permissions for Couchbase.
PasswordThe password of the user who is connecting to and monitoring the database through the Database Agent.
Logging EnabledClick to enable verbose mode logging, which logs all communications between the Controller and the Collector. Enable only during troubleshooting because logging consumes a lot of disk space. If you have enabled logging, you can click the logging icon in the Log column of the Collector Administration window to view the log file. The log files are located in the <db_agent_home>\agent directory and have the format <CollectorName>_out.log and <CollectorName>_err.log.

User Permissions for Couchbase

The monitoring user must have Full Administrator or Read-only Administrator privileges. Alternatively, if you do not want the monitoring user to have Administrator privileges, you can assign a combination of Data Monitoring and Query System Catalog privileges (available for Couchbase versions 5 and later).

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