AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    The Code Issues Dashboard aggregates mobile application caught exceptions and ANRs over time, using the Events Service. This service collects and stores all the data collected by the mobile agent.

    The Code Issues Dashboard shown below is divided into two panels and has the dropdown App Version to view code issues for different versions of your application. 

    Summary Code Issue Trend

    This panel displays a running total of code issues, unique code issues, impacted users, the percent of impacted users, and code issue trends. The code issues trends is a timeline of code issues. 

    Unique Code Issues

    Multiple code issues can be caused by the same underlying issue. The Unique Code Issues panel displays a list of code issues grouped by common characteristics and displays basic information about the issue. 

    Unique Issue Details

    To see more detail per code issue, select the unique code issue that interests you and click Details. The Unique Issue dialog has the two tabs Issue Summary and Issue Distribution

    Issue Summary

    The Issue Summary tab has two main panels. The top panel shows summary information such as the total code issues, the issue type, impacted users, the runtime, and a code issue trend bar graph.

    The bottom panel shows a sequence of threads in the stack trace that you can expand for more information, a Properties section with general information about the device, and a User Data section with any set user data.

    The stack trace for iOS applications shows the concatenated image and symbol names. For example, the concatenated "UIKit" (an image name) and "bar" (the symbol name) forms "UIKitbar".

    The stack trace for Android applications provides the class, method, and line number for each stack frame.

    Issue Distribution

    The Issue Distribution tab displays the same stack trace panel, but the top panel dashboard instead displays the distribution charts for the code issue. 

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