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You can configure AppDynamics to send you alerts when your mobile application has code issues. You can configure email alerts for health rule violates based on the default health rule or by manually creating a policy with a notification action.

How to Set Up Alerts for Code Issues

Below is the basic workflow for setting up alerts for code issues:

  1. Report Errors: In your application code, use the iOS, Android, or Xamarin SDK to report errors. Set the severity to either INFOWARNING, or CRITICAL. Only errors with the severity of CRITICAL will trigger alerts with the default health rule. 
  2. Configure Thresholds: Set the warning and critical thresholds for application not responding issues:
    1. Navigate to Configuration > Mobile App Group Configuration > Settings.
    2. From Configure Application Not Responding Thresholds, set the values for Warning Threshold and Critical Threshold. Any value that is less than the warning threshold will be labeled as Info.
  3. View alerts for code issues.

Report Errors with the Mobile SDKs

See "Report Errors and Exceptions" (iOS/Android/Xamarin) to report errors and set the severity for iOS, Android, or Xamarin applications. 

Configure Threshold for Code Issue Alerts

You can configure the thresholds for ANRs that must be reached before you are alerted. See Configure Application Not Responding Thresholds for instructions.

View Code Issue Alerts

The health rule Critical Code Issues exist is used to send alerts when one if the following occurs:

  • You have used the Android or iOS SDK to report an error with the severity of critical.
  • The time that your application has not responded exceeded the critical threshold.

After you set up the email alerts, when a health rule is violated, an email will be sent indicating whether there was a warning or critical alert and providing links to view code issue and session details.


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