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The Business Transactions log contains the following information:

  • Discovered business transactions 
  • Discovery stack trace for each entry point
  • Dropped business transactions, which show up in the "All Other Traffic" business transaction when there is business transaction overflow. Only executed methods show up in the business transaction log. If the business functionality is not exercised by the application, the code is not executed, and the methods are not examined as potential entry points.

For the Java Agent and the proxy, the name of the Business Transactions log is BusinessTransactionsYear_mon_day_hr_min.#.log where # is the log set.

For the .NET Agent the name of the Business Transactions log is BusinessTransactionsLog.#.txt where # is the log set.

See Agent Log Files for information about how the logs are organized into sets that roll over. Within a set, the Business Transactions log file can reach a maximum of five MB.

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