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The Apache Agent discovers Apache Modules as backends. To review general information about monitoring backends see Backend Detection Rules.

Apache Modules

The Apache Agent automatically detects loaded Apache modules as remote services:

  • Modules must be in the handler stage.

  • The agent excludes a list of common modules from discovery, see "Remote Service Detection" on Supported Apache Web Servers.

By default, the Apache Agent includes metrics for module backends with the downstream backend or tier. The Controller doesn't display the module on flow maps. For example, if Apache calls mod_jk.c, the module backend doesn't show on flow maps and metrics are included with the downstream Tomcat backend or tier.

To view Apache modules on the flow map and to see separate metrics for Apache modules, set AppDynamicsResolveBackends to "OFF" in the appdynamics_agent.conf file. See Install the Apache Agent.

The agent names the Apache modules backend for the module name and the server: <module>-<host>:<port> . For example, mod_jk.c-myapache.example.com:80.

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