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The topics in this section describe how to maintain Serverless APM for AWS Lambda and tune its configuration for your requirements. 

Customization Options 

Serverless APM customization options include additional error reports, HTTP proxy support, and configuring environment variables in your function code. See Customize the Serverless APM Instrumentation

Error Reports

When you instrument automatically, the tracer reports all internal thrown exceptions as errors, including runtime exceptions. If you instrument the tracer manually, you need to configure transaction error reports in your code. You may also need to customize error reports if your business logic causes your business transaction to be marked in error. 

Additionally, you can create error reports for exit calls. Exit call error reports require manual coding, regardless of how you instrument the tracer.

HTTP Proxy Support

The tracer makes outbound calls over HTTPS to report metrics. If your deployment requires an HTTP proxy, you can forward requests to your proxy server. 

Configure Environment Variables in Your Function Code

You need to configure environment variables for the tracer to know where to send your data. Input environment variables in your AWS Management Console or in your function code. 

If you prefer to customize the function and business transaction names and keep the tracer settings in your code, you can override the environment variables using the AppDynamics.Config.Builder object. This option allows you to retrieve values at runtime from any desired source. See Customize Serverless APM Instrumentation.

End User Monitoring Integration

Correlation between AWS Lambda functions and End User Monitoring (EUM) agents is identical to the correlation between Browser RUM and business transactions. When an instrumented AWS Lambda function originates a business transaction, the tracer can return EUM metadata as response headers. The response headers link the end user device's response time with the business transaction execution time. Data flows from the headers to your EUM server, then to your Controller. See Integrate Serverless APM with End User Monitoring for more details.


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