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ADQL Reference:

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ADQL reference topics use custom typographical conventions and
 symbols to describe the syntax for ADQL queries. 

BOLDBold typefaceBold typeface indicates ADQL keywords and operators, such as SELECT, FROM, AND and so on.
field_name and numeric_field_nameN/A

The terms field_name and numeric_field_name represent field names that appear in your analytics data. Field names depend on the event type. See ADQL Data.

Monospace typefaceMonospace typeface

Function names, such as count are indicated by monospace typeface.

event_typeN/AThe term event_type represents the available event types collected from your applications. Valid values are: 
  • transactions
  • logs
  • browser requests
  • mobile requests
  • mobile crash reports
  • analytics custom events
  • synthetic sessions
Italic typefaceItalics

Italics represent variables or placeholders. You supply the actual value.

[ ]

Square bracketsTerms in square brackets are optional. Nested square brackets indicate that the term inside is optional and can only be included if the optional term in the outer square brackets is included.
|PipeThe pipe character separates alternate items to indicate one of the items may be included. You can read it as "or" in a syntax statement.
{ }Curly bracesCurly braces are used to group items to disambiguate the definition of items.
( )ParenthesesParentheses are used to indicate the order of operation in an expression.
...EllipsisAn ellipsis indicates the preceding term may be repeated.
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