Beginning in February 2020, AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning for some agents and the first deployments of SaaS Controllers. In March 2020, the entire product suite will use Calendar Versioning.

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The following notes describe 1.0.x updates to AppDynamics Node.js Serverless Tracer, which provides functionality for Serverless APM for AWS Lambda.

If an artifact has been updated, the version number of the updated artifact and its availability date are listed below. 

The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

1.0.2 Updates

Version 1.0.2, February 20, 2020

See 4.5.x Resolved Issues by Month.

1.0.1 Updates

Version 1.0.1, November 22, 2019

  • The Node.js Serverless Tracer is now generally available. Serverless APM is packaged in the form of a tracer library for Java and Node.js serverless functions. The Node.js Serverless Tracer can be obtained using the npm registry.
  • The tracer provides Serverless APM for AWS Lambda functionality for AWS functions implemented in JavaScript. 
  • The Node.js Serverless Tracer requires:
    • A subscription to Serverless APM for AWS Lambda through AWS Marketplace
    • A SaaS Controller version 4.5.11, and later
    • An AWS Lambda function implemented with Node.js versions 8 and later
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