Beginning in February 2020, AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning for some agents and the first deployments of SaaS Controllers. In March 2020, the entire product suite will use Calendar Versioning.

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The following notes describe updates to AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring, or the Language Agents, which gives you end-to-end visibility into the performance of your applications.

If an artifact has been updated, the version number of the updated artifact and its availability date are listed below. The version number corresponds to that shown on the download portal (

The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

For information on agent and Controller compatibility, and updates to individual AppDynamics Language Agents, see the following pages:

For updates to new decoupled agents developed by partners or other third parties, see the following pages:

4.5.9 Updates

April 22, 2019

Role Based Access Control for Business Journeys and Experience Level Management
    • Application Analytics now enforces role-based access control (RBAC) for business journeys and experience level management (XLM). Upon rollout of RBAC, only the analytics administrator has access to business journeys and XLM. All other users see a warning in the controller UI stating that access is denied for any action or query within business journeys and XLM. 
    • The analytics administrator must grant permission on an individual basis to all users by creating new roles. Roles should include all applicable access for each user, both for business journeys and XLM. RBAC consists of three categories:
      • General - provides feature level access to business journeys and/or XLM. In addition to feature level access, search and event access are required to query, search, or create business journeys and XLM. 
      • Searches - provides access to query data, which enables users to perform and save searches on business journey or XLM events. 
      • Events - provides access to events type(s) and source(s). A user can only access the exact event type(s) and source(s) granted in the role. This is required in order to create a business journey or XLM definition or to access and create reports for particular sources. 
    • Business journey events cannot be accessed through the Custom Events API.
    • No data is lost in the transition phase. RBAC restricts all users from accessing business journeys and XLM at the outset. However, if your analytics admin grants the exact access required for previously saved reports you will be able to access the report again as if the access had never been denied. 
Resolved Issues

Not able to edit Thread Dump Collection Interval


Setting PHP MVC custom match rules in the Controller UI results in exceptions when the backend creates the rule for the agent AND custom STRUTS rule (Java) to use


Information Point created from Snapshot drill down has blank class and method names


Clicking "Node Dashboard > Grid view > Node" results in the error "Invalid unresolved backend call id :xxx"


Unable to persist segment number for Custom Service Endpoint with payload splitting


Exception occurs while creating or editing a PHP MVC custom match rule in Java

4.5.7 Updates

February 25, 2019

Resolved Issues
APMPLAT‑9265Getting "500 Internal exception" when trying to close the criteria Performance data
APMPLAT‑10368Sort by count is broken on All Other Traffic modal
APMPLAT-10451Collection interval for getting Thread Dumps is broken

4.5.6 Updates

February 11, 2019

Resolved Issues
APMPLAT9463APPS_ALL_DASHBOARD screen, View Option does not persist
APMPLAT-10231Sorting by tier name does not work on the Exception rate page
APMPLAT-10317Logger name typo (when collecting agent debug logs for Java)
APMPLAT-10348Unable to render "App Server Agent Configuration" for all nodes

Error 404 on UI when trying to disable an agent

APMPLAT-6923Stale backend purger not working
DLNATIVE-2129Execution time in transaction snapshots is always showing zero
DLNATIVE-2172Agent's backward compatibility broken

4.5.5 Updates

December 21, 2018

Resolved Issues
PLATCPS-7723Database health rules are not evaluating with an external user who has default Account Owner and Administrator roles
APMPLAT-9250Baseline of type None needs 1 day data
APMPLAT-9283Number of nodes value is wrong in tiers and node dashboard
APMPLAT-9529Replace Correlation Analysis
APMPLAT-9652Not able to edit Thread Dump Collection Interval

4.5.4 Updates

November 19, 2018


There are new REST APIs to export and import transaction detection rules in Config 2.0. See Configuration Import and Export API for more information.

Resolved Issues
APMPLAT-6108REST API to import transaction detection is not working
APMPLAT‑7018Remote Services does not select the correct elements
APMPLAT-9009Navigating to the "Business Transaction" tab from the "Flow Map" edge causes an HTTP 500 Error
APMPLAT-8910Not able to create applications and register new nodes after upgrading to 4.5.1 on on-prem Controllers
APMPLAT-8617Sorting is done incorrectly for an Error count
APMPLAT-8508Automatic "Service Endpoint Detection" cannot be configured at the application level
APMPLAT-8444"All Apps" page doesn't load for one day because the maximum number of return points was exceeded
APMPLAT-7018Remote Services does not select the correct elements
APMPLAT-6108REST API to import transaction detection not working

4.5.2 Updates

October 15, 2018

Deprecation and End of Life (EOL) Notices
  • The Cloud Auto-Scaling functionality has been removed. Once a Controller is upgraded to 4.5.2, Cloud Auto-Scaling will no longer be available in the UI and the functionality will no longer work.

4.5.1 Updates

September 5, 2018

  • The Controller no longer records zeros for missing APM agent metrics. The removal of the zero-fill method will help with scalability and consistent handling of zero values.
Resolved Issues
APMPLAT‑5823BT lockdown flag not propagated to agent
APMPLAT-6207Add repetitive logger for incorrect SEP registration error messages in server.log
APMPLAT-6470Fix to properly enable/disable agent from the agent status UI screen
APMPLAT-6896Upgrade scripts for Axon (v2.x and 3.x) framework
APMPLAT-7115Unable to save Python Error Detection Configuration

4.5.0 Updates

July 11, 2018


Language Agent Backward Compatibility

Starting in release 4.5, AppDynamics language agents are backward-compatible with any 4.4.1 or higher Controller. Thus you can upgrade your language agents – and take advantage of the latest agent-side enhancements, features, and bug fixes – without upgrading your 4.4 Controller. The following table outlines the Controller and language agent releases that are compatible.

Controller ReleaseLanguage Agent ReleaseNotes
4.4.1+4.1+4.4.1 and newer Controllers can accept connections from newer agents.
4.3.x4.1.x – 4.3.x4.3.x Controllers cannot accept connections from newer agents.
4.2.x4.1.x – 4.2.xAgents older than 4.3 are no longer supported, and agents older than 4.1 are no longer guaranteed to connect to a Controller.

Backward compatibility is supported on the following agents starting in Release 4.5:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • PHP 
  • Python
  • Go SDK
  • C/C++ 
  • You can now drill down into federation applications. This allows you to display incoming calls from the upstream federated application.

  • A new Create Events permission has been created.

Snapshot Waterfall Viewer
  • The Waterfall View within the snapshot viewer has been comprehensively enhanced. It now shows time spent in uninstrumented backend systems as well as inactive threads within instrumented nodes, and also shows the relationships between the segments. For asynchronous Business Transactions, it also labels the threads where the Business Transaction begins and ends.

Resolved Issues

APMPLAT-756User without CREATE_APPLICATION permission is not able to archive events, and delete events has missing permission check
APMPLAT-1665Config Export REST call throws an exception and returns 500 Internal Server Error
APMPLAT-2267Error message shown when upstream BT's of masked transactions are excluded
APMPLAT-2274Multiple tiers in the metric browser
APMPLAT-2685Agent reports snapshots for deleted BTs
APMPLAT-2751DB & Remote Service Calls: missing comma in column Total Time
APMPLAT-2754NPE at BTFlowMapServiceImpl.computeBTFlowMapTopologyAndFetchMetricDataInternal() due to MetricQueryManagerBean.getMetricNode() returns null
APMPLAT-3350Internal Server Errors when viewing snapshots
APMPLAT-3610UI display historical nodes
APMPLAT-3616Improve logic of node purger
APMPLAT-3654UI shows duplicate queries in the Potential issues section
APMPLAT-3813Improve getProcessSnapshotDataByGuid performance
APMPLAT-5832Tier & Node list not fully populating
APMPLAT-5887Snapshot Waterfall has the wrong sort order
APMPLAT-6242Tier and Node showing null for JVM restart time
APMPLAT-6329Tiers and Nodes page: missing tier count top right corner
APMPLAT-6341IIS App Pools page gets stuck under Tiers & Nodes
APMPLAT-6800Copy REST URL in metric browser broken
APMPLAT‑6926Error response after copying/pasting REST URL from Metric Browser

Known Issues

  • Business transaction retention settings are not affected by the business.transaction.retention.period value in the Admin Console.
  • For JMX functionality to work, set a Currently monitored statistic set to an option other than None in IBM WebSphere.