AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    The following notes describe 4.5.x updates to the AppDynamics UI Cloud.

    If an artifact has been updated, the version number of the updated artifact and its availability date are listed below. The version number corresponds to that shown on the download portal (

    The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

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    4.5.15 Updates

    November 1, 2019


    Deploying and Serving Container App

    The UI Cloud Microservice is enabled only for SaaS customers. New features of UI are deployed in the form of static assets (javascript bundles and images) onto the Appdynamics UI Cloud Microservice and served through a content distribution network (CDN - Amazon Cloudfront service). It enables continuous delivery of UI only enhancements and hot fixes instantly without involving controller upgrades. The SaaS controller setting ‘’ in the admin.jsp needs to be set to to enable UI cloud Microservice. When the user interface is loaded, static assets will be downloaded from the CDN. 

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