AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    This page lists the resolved issues for the agents, the Controller (on-premises or SaaS), and the on-premises platform in the 20.6 release. 

    When artifacts are updated, they are listed with their new version numbers in the tables below. Version numbers are also shown on the download portal (

    You can sort the table of resolved issues by key, version, and product, or use the search field to find resolved issues. The most recent releases appear at the top of the page.

    Agent Resolved Issues

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    ANALYTICS-4256Analytics AgentAnalytics Agent inside Machine Agent does not drop PID file.20.6.0
    ANALYTICS-12717Analytics AgentRecommended Data Collectors field name appears as null.20.6.0
    ANALYTICS-12739Analytics AgentUpgraded SCS Tool Library.20.6.0
    ANALYTICS-12740Analytics AgentSecurity vulnerabilities resolved.20.6.0


    Database Agent

    The TOTAL_LOG_USED metrics value displayed on the Metric browser does not match with the value in Database server.

    DBMON-6074Database Agent

    The agent logs display org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException when connecting to the controller.

    DBMON-7037Database MonitoringThe Database Agent fails to monitor Oracle version 1120.6.0
    DBMON-4943Database MonitoringExecution Plan is not displayed on the dashboard for MySQL Server 820.6.0
    DBMON-6936Database MonitoringThe hardware metrics are not displayed on the dashboard when enhanced monitoring is enabled on Microsoft SQL Server on AWS RDS20.6.0
    DOTNET-3457.NET AgentInteger and Boolean type of SQL data gatherer for analytics is not working20.6.0
    DOTNET-3640.NET AgentUnable to configure apps running on .NET Core due to incorrect assembly reference20.6.0
    DOTNET-4410.NET AgentIIS Ping failure/hang in presence of Appdynamics agent20.6.0
    DOTNET-4513.NET AgentSensitive URL filters not working on HTTP exits20.6.0
    DOTNET-4574.NET AgentAgent Coordinator service throwing unhandled exception.20.6.0
    DOTNET-4678.NET AgentController application name in config.xml is case sensitive20.6.0
    DOTNET-4710.NET AgentService End Point is not identifying in .NET Agent version 20.520.6.0
    DOTNET-4717.NET AgentExclude rules not working with .NET Agent 20.3.0 and later20.6.0
    DOTNET-4745.NET AgentHTTP request collection fails for all transactions once a stalled transaction is identified
    DOTNET-4711.NET AgentError in CLR Version shown in controller UI20.6.0
    DOTNET-4805.NET Agent.NET Agent causes CLR crashes and app pool failure20.6.1
    JAVA-6986Java Agent

    Transaction Snapshot database exit calls are not identified even though the min-duration-for-jdbc-call-in-ms node property is set to a lower value

    JAVA-7034Java Agent

    An exception arrayIndexOutOfBound is thrown when a POJO rule is defined for an application

    JAVA-7279Java Agent

    Thread dump files captured are reported with a length of zero bytes

    JAVA-7372Java Agent

    Modify Security Manager recording to work with Java 9 or higher

    JAVA-7417Java Agent

    Thread dumps generated by AppDynamics are unable to access method detail

    JAVA-7466Java AgentMetrics are not reported for Oc4j Http Backends20.6.0
    JAVA-7616Java Agent

    Web Service Endpoints are not reported for jersey 2.x framework

    JAVA-7946Java Agent

    Singularity-XML upgraded to version 2.12.0


    Node.js Agent

    Agent capturing disabled snapshots with node-level properties crashes20.6.0
    NODEJS-103Node.js AgentMongoDB queries fail20.6.0


    Machine Agent

    No longer runs multiple awk commands resulting in system resource exhaustion

    SERVER-8091Machine AgentRegistered Machine Agents no longer report metrics after default account access keys are changed20.6.0
    SERVER-8207Machine AgentAIX Machine Agent should not have JavaHardwareMonitor enabled20.6.0
    SERVER-8272Machine AgentAIX collector was reviewed and produces well-formed JSON to prevent script errors
    SERVER-8279Machine AgentWindows: OSHI reported processes now list multiple processes sharing the same name
    SERVER-8318Machine kubernetes.default.svc exception is fixed20.6.0

    Controller (SaaS/On-Premises) Resolved Issues

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    ALERT-5349Alert and RespondWhen you open an Event UI and re-load the background UI, the refreshed background UI display is distorted20.6.0
    ALERT-5731Alert and RespondAlert link in the email notification is broken and does not display the alert details, post controller upgrade20.6.0
    ALERT-6220Alert and RespondWhen you apply an alerting template, it gets stuck in a queue and is not applied20.6.0
    ALERT-6355Alert and RespondAlerting Templates not showing in 20.6 Controllers20.6.2
    ALERT-6377Alert and RespondEditing or deleting custom roles for Alerting Templates causes the error "CONFIG_ALERTING_TEMPLATES_PLANS doesn't exists"20.6.2
    ALERT-6518Alert and RespondUnable to add dashboards to the admin role, error - 'permission action is not specified' due to missing CONFIG_ACTION_SCHEDULE permission20.6.3
    ALERT-6685Alert and RespondThe third-party Bzip2 library used by the Controller has been updated to version 1.0.820.6.6
    ALERT-6720Alert and RespondHealth Rule Schedules are not responsive20.6.8
    ALERT-6765Alert and RespondDeep link for "Affected Entity" and "View Dashboard During Health Rule Violation" is taking -1 instead of the correct entity ID20.6.8
    AMCSEV-713App Monitoring Cloud Services"500 Internal Server Error" is displayed when you load the Application Dashboard and click an application20.6.6
    ANALYTICS-12073Analytics Events Service (SaaS)Inconsistency in counting business transaction segments for Analytics licensing4.5.13
    ANALYTICS-12644AnalyticsBusiness Journeys are failing to load0.6.3
    ANALYTICS-12775AnalyticsBizOutcome Grid View API call should include the parameter flowmapDetails set to false20.6.3
    ANLYTCS_ES-3536Events ServiceUpdate the Events Service version in Controller to get library updates for Apache Kafka, Google Guava, and snakeyml20.6.3
    ANLYTCS_ES-3693Events ServiceRecreation of client when the connection pool is corrupted20.6.5
    ANLYTCS_ES-3767Events ServiceThe third-party netty library used by the Controller has been updated to 4.1.4820.6.5
    ANLYTCS_ES-3802Events ServiceUnable to see metric data on the metric browser, last run failed message is displayed20.6.7
    BRUM-6022Browser RUMGrid columns appear when user sorts some EUM paginated grids20.6.0
    CLUSTERMON-1257Cluster MonitoringThe Succeeded pod count includes the number of deleted pods on the Pods page20.6.0
    COGENG-905Cognition EngineThe third-party netty library used by the Controller has been updated to 4.1.4820.6.5
    DBMON-4676Database MonitoringCollectors display multiple nodes with the same name when creating a health rule20.6.0
    DBMON-5508Database MonitoringSorting does not work as expected for the Queries, Time in database, or CPU Usage(%) metrics in the Databases page20.6.0
    DBMON-6477Database MonitoringThe queries that correlate with standalone collectors are not displayed when you drill-down Business Transactions20.6.0
    DBMON-6628 Database MonitoringThe Network Dashboard flowmap does not display the backend nodes of the database20.6.0
    DBMON-6718Database MonitoringThe Connect backends to Database Visibility to track health status message is displayed every time, even when it is not required20.6.0
    DBMON-6948Database MonitoringRemoved a singleton from an Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) to prevent a Database Monitoring thread pool saturation20.6.3
    DBMON-6983Database MonitoringAfter upgrading to 20.6, the Database Dashboard is missing the CPU and Network I/O graphs20.6.3
    DBMON-6989Database MonitoringThe third-party jetty-client library used by the Controller has been updated to 9.4.3020.6.5
    DIAGPLAT-808APMSnapshots do not get loaded, 500 Internal Server Error is displayed20.6.7
    DIAGPLAT-810APMArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is displayed for RSD V2 enabled Controllers20.6.7
    EUMPLAT-601End User MonitoringUpdate the Neustar map library to correct geodata20.6.0
    EUMPLAT-776End User MonitoringMetrics missing intermittently due to an SocketTimeoutException when EUM tries to download metrics20.6.0
    METADATA-9220Controller - PlatformNo snapshots are created because the ADD stacktrace purger takes more than 20 hours to complete and holds the read-only lock for the metadata table20.6.1
    METRICSVC-5777Metric ServiceThe PostgreSQL JDBC Driver library version used by the Controller has been updated to version 4.2.1320.6.6
    MQS-1163MetadataMissing graphs specific to business transactions in the "Expression Dashboard" 20.6.3
    The Node.js version used by the Controller has been updated to version
    SERVER-6833Server VisibilityServer page displays the total number of servers in the bottom right footer20.6.0
    SERVER-7785Server VisibilitySearching using the Hierarchy field is now possible20.6.0
    SERVER-8250Server Visibility
    Upgraded Apache httpclient to
    SERVER-8279Server VisibilityThe dashboard now displays all processes, even if they share the same name20.6.0
    SVCMON-882APM"WebService" type exit call is displayed as "ui:ms_TransactionExitPointType_null" 20.6.6
    SVCMON-901APMResourceManager renders package:key strings when a key is not found instead of the locale strings with the log message package or string not found20.6.6
    WEBSRV-6Apache Agent

    Apache Agent injects ADRUM headers when Business Transaction correlation is disabled

    WEBSRV-22Apache AgentUsing AppDynamicsLaunchProxy directive with the apachectl reload (graceful) option does not delete a previous proxy task20.6.0
    WEBSRV-228Apache Agent

    The Webserver Agent version is displayed in place of the proxy version on the Controller UI


    On-Premises Platform Resolved Issues

    20.6.0 Resolved Issues

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    ECONSOLE-5466Enterprise Console

    The 'check-controller-health' CLI command from the Enterprise Console now reads results correctly

    ECONSOLE-5825Enterprise ConsoleThe 'appserver-admin-console-password' is no longer used nor displays in setup.xml20.6.0
    ECONSOLE-5832Enterprise ConsoleEnterprise Console no longer allows an older Enterprise Console platform installer to be used to upgrade to a newer version20.6.0
    ECONSOLE-5889Enterprise ConsoleMySQL root permissions have been fixed to allow upgrade20.6.0
    ECONSOLE-5906Enterprise ConsoleController upgrade from 4.5.x to 20.3 no longer fails with 'mysql_upgrade' version20.6.0
    EUMPLAT-903EUM ServerUse jetty-util 9.4.18 to resolve the issue upgrading SSLContextFactory20.6.1

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