AppDynamics switched from Semantic Versioning to Calendar Versioning starting in February 2020 for some agents and March 2020 for the entire product suite.

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    The Controller releases occur every six weeks. This page lists the SaaS and on-premises Controller enhancements included in the 20.6 release. For bug fixes, see Controller Resolved Issues.

    Agent Installer 

    The Agent Installer requires microservices configuration performed by AppDynamics. The configurations will be rolled out gradually to SaaS Controllers beginning on June 8, 2020.

    The Agent Installer is now available. The Agent Installer simplifies the installation process for the Java and Machine Agents. The installer provides two lines of script that:

    • deploy the Java and (optionally) Machine Agents, 
    • automatically instrument applications, and
    • assign unique names to tiers and nodes 

    The Agent Installer is available for SaaS deployments and Linux operating systems. See Agent Installer documentation for more information.  

    Analytics Events Service (SaaS only)

    The eventcompletionTimestamp field has been introduced for ADQL queries. eventcompletionTimestamp indicates the time that the event was received by the Events Services. See Analytics Events API for details. 

    The metric processor will be rolled out gradually to SaaS Controllers. Contact AppDynamics Support for more information.

    Application Analytics

    Recommended Data Collectors, a feature that simplifies data collector configuration, is now available for SaaS deployments. Instead of manually configuring data collectors, you can browse and search for event data displayed in the Controller that Recommended Data Collectors automatically collects from the Java Agent.

    Cluster Monitoring

    The Cluster Event summary dialog is enhanced with the following additional details:

    • The Affects and the Cluster Agent Version fields are added to provide information about the affected entity and the version of the Cluster Agent respectively.
    • The Cluster Name field displays the name of the cluster along with an option to drill down. Therefore, you can launch the Cluster Agent dashboard by clicking the name.

    End User Monitoring

    Experience Journey Map visualizes real-time user journeys, providing performance metrics and traffic data for browser and mobile applications. This feature is only available for customers with a SaaS Controller and EUM PEAK license. 

    Service Proxy 

    A new service proxy feature (represented by this iconservice proxy iconhas been added to enable the system to discover the backend (remote service) as a service proxy, and display the correct component structure in a flow map. The service proxy feature is enabled in the Controller. Once the Controller has identified the backend as a service proxy, it sends the configuration information to an Agent (Java Agent version 20.5.0 and later, is the only Agent supported with this release). 

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