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An automatic job calculates the Experience Level Management (XLM) compliance data.  To view the XLM data, in the AppDynamics Controller UI, click Analytics > Experience Level Management.

You can view the last five reporting periods for your XLM data in a card or list view.

Card View

List View

Click the Actions drop-down menu to access additional views and actions.

Click any reporting period in the card view of an XLM report to see a daily breakdown during the reporting period. You can right-click any day to view the associated events.

Create a scheduled report for periodic generation and delivery

You can add XLM report as widgets to your custom dashboards. XLM widgets in custom dashboards are read-only.

  1. From the Experience Level Management window, use Add to Dashboard to add XLM reports to a custom dashboard. You can also do this from the Actions drop-down on each individual XLM report.
  2. From a Custom Dashboard, in Edit mode, access the Actions drop-down and select Schedule Dashboard as Report.

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