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View Business Journey events from the Analytics Search UI in the same way as any other event type. Alternatively, use the Analytics Search button on the Business Journey UI.

Search for Business Journeys

Use the Analytics Search button on the Business Journeys UI to find your Business Journey events. Select an enabled Business Journey definition and click Analytics Search to take you directly to the Searches page in Basic mode. The Business Journey name is pre-selected in the event type drop-down and the list of associated events along with a count of those events. The Analytics Search button will be greyed out for draft Business Journeys.

Alternatively, access the Analytics Search UI and use the event type drop-down to find your Business Journey event. The Business Journey name identifies the event type in the Search UI similar to custom events. In this example, it is "loanapprovals"

You can search the Business Journey data and create visualizations in the same fashion as for any other analytics event type.

Business Journeys also gives you the ability to perform analytics, slice and dice data, and create widgets. For example, using the loan approval Business Journey, visualize percentile values of approval time, loan amount by type, and loan applications by type as follows:

The 50th Percentile line indicates that 50% of the loan approvals occurred below this line. Similarly, each percentile line represents the corresponding percentage of loan approvals occurred below that line.

Business Journey ADQL Queries

To use ADQL to query Business Journey events, you need to use the full namespaced field name for each milestone. The field names are constructed by appending the milestone name to the field. When constructing queries with ADQL in the Search UI, you must use the full name of the field. The following image shows constructing a sample ADQL query.

A sample ADQL query for the loan approval Business Journey is:


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