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You can upgrade the Events Service by either using the Enterprise Console or by manually performing the task.

About the Upgrade

For an Events Service deployment installed or discovered by the Enterprise Console, you can use the Enterprise Console to upgrade it.

If you did not use the Enterprise Console to deploy the Events Service, you can manually upgrade the service. Manual upgrade is also useful for upgrading the Events Service nodes hosted primarily on remote Windows machines since the Enterprise Console does not support remote operations on Windows.

Event Service does not work as expected in manually upgraded environments if JAVA_HOME system variable is not set.

This issue does not affect fresh installs of Events Service because Enterprise Console handles setting up the JAVA_HOME system variable.


You can use the Enterprise Console to upgrade the Events Service software on deployed nodes for versions 4.1 and higher. You have to first download and install the new Enterprise Console before upgrading Events Service to 4.4.x. For Events Service versions earlier than 4.1, you have to manually upgrade the service to 4.1 before discovering the Events Service nodes using the Enterprise Console.

The Events Service process is restarted on upgrade. You can verify the upgrade by checking the Events Service health status in the Enterprise Console GUI.

Note that the startup script paths have changed for Events Services that were originally installed from the Events Service bundle from:




Before Upgrading

  • Before you start upgrading the Events Service, make sure that you are using the correct upgrade order.
  • The Enterprise Console does not migrate the data directory properly for custom environment variables in the events-service-api-store.properties file while performing a discover and upgrade job. Therefore, you must replace the absolute path APPLICATION_HOME property in the file with an actual path before upgrading. Otherwise, the upgraded Events Service will start with a new, blank data set.
  • The vmoptions file is not maintained when the Events Service is upgraded. Therefore, you must backup the events-service.vmoptions file before upgrading. Then after the upgrade completes, merge the backup file into the new file.
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