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System Requirements

Network Visibility requires:

  • Version 4.4 or higher of the Controller with a Network Visibility license (one license unit per OS instance). 
  • Each host must have
    • A Network Visibility Agent (version 4.4 or higher)
    • A Java App Server agent (version 4.4 or higher) with an App Agent license 
  • You must have sudo or root access permissions on the agent host to install the Network Agent. (You do not need sudo or root access to run the agent.) 
  • Network Visibility is supported on Linux hosts with Java App Server agents only. The following platforms are supported:
    • CentOS 6 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Ubuntu 14 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Fedora 24 and higher (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • The Network Agent host must have the following libraries pre-installed:
    • libdl.so.2
    • libpthread.so.0
    • librt.so.1
    • libm.so.6
    • libc.so.6
    • libncurses.so.5
    • libtinfo.so.5
    • libstdc++.so.6
    • libgcc_s.so.1


  • This release does not support the following Network Flow Map features:
    • Cross-application Flow Maps 
    • Federated Flow Maps
    • Network Flow Maps in Transaction Snapshots 
    • Visualization of flows between web servers and APM entry tiers
    • The Network Flow Map does not filter out connections based on the selected time range.
  • The Network Agent cannot monitor multiple App Server Agents on the same host if these agents report to different Controllers. All App Server Agents must report to the same Controller.
  • You cannot view Health Rule violations in the Network Dashboard. To view any Health Rule violations, including those based on Network Visibility data, go to the Application Dashboard. 

Known Issues

  • In some cases, the KPIs for a tier or link might be different in the Network tab vs. the Network Flow Map. The popup window shows the latest data; the Flow Map updates data every two minutes. Any discrepancy between KPI values is due to this difference in reporting times.
  • If you open the Network Flow Map for an individual node, the KPI metrics for node-to-load-balancer and node-to-tcp-endpoint links show network KPIs for all nodes in the parent tier (instead of KPIs for the individual node only). To view KPIs for the individual node, open the link popup and look at the Connection KPIs. 


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