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Effective application monitoring is critical in a dynamic cloud environment, where services and components come and go. Cloud environments support dynamic processes for deploying applications and for scaling capacity up and down continuously based on the current load. Even if you don't directly manage the cloud environment, tracking changes in your infrastructure and components is critical for capacity planning and infrastructure budgeting. 

AppDynamics provides robust support for monitoring applications in dynamic cloud environments where services and components are added and removed continuously.  AppDynamics can monitor applications in Kubernetes, Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and other environments.  Automatic discovery mechanisms continuously update the Application Dashboard as new systems come online, so you always have an up-to-date view. 

The AppDynamics Cloud Monitoring documentation describes cloud monitoring concepts and considerations that are common to monitoring applications on cloud platforms. For details on specific type of cloud platform providers, see the links below.   



Monitoring Apps in Docker


Monitoring Apps in Kubernetes
(New in 4.4.3)

Monitoring Apps in Amazon Web Services

Monitoring Apps in Azure

Monitoring Apps in Pivotal Cloud Foundry



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