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This topic describes installing the Standalone Machine Agent using the Mac OS X ZIP bundle that includes JRE 1.8.

  1. Before installing, review the installation notes: Install the Standalone Machine Agent.
  2. Download the Mac OS X ZIP from the AppDynamics Download Center.
  3. Unzip the Agent ZIP bundle to the directory where you want to install the agent.

       unzip <zip-bundle.zip> -d <machine_agent_home>
  4. Gather your configuration details and configure the agent by editing<machine_agent_home>/conf/controller-info.xml file or by passing system properties on the command line to osx-install.sh.
    See Plan the Machine Agent Configuration.

    1. (Required) Configure the Controller host name and port number, and account access key. 
    2. (Optional) To configure agent to use SSL see Enable SSL for Standalone Machine Agent.
    3. (Optional) To configure the agent to use proxy settings see Standalone Machine Agent Configuration Property Reference.
    4. (Required for Multi-Tenant Mode or SaaS installations) Configure the Agent Account Information. See Controller Accounts (Multi-Tenancy)
    5. (Optional) Application and tier name, see Standalone Machine Agent Installation Scenarios to determine if you need to specify and application name and tier name. Usually, if you are installing the Standalone Machine Agent on the same server with any APM app agent, you should not specify application name and tier name.
  5. Install as a service. On the bash command line enter: sh <machine_agent_home>/osx-install.sh.
    You can pass in system properties from the command line, f
    or example: sh <machine_agent_home>/osx-install.sh -Dappdynamics.agent.uniqueHostId=yourHostID.

    The osx-install.sh script installs the agent as a service. Enter osx-install.sh -h to see usage on the available options.

    sh osx-install.sh -h
    Usage: /osx-install.sh [-h] [-Dprop=value]* [-Xprop=value]*
    Installs the machine agent.    
        -h               Prints this help message
        -D prop          set JAVA system property
        -X prop          set non-standard JAVA system property
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