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You can set custom dashboard permissions for custom roles from the Dashboards tab in the Controller Administration UI.

The predefined role is the Dashboards Viewer. The permissions of this role are limited to viewing custom dashboards in the Controller UI.  The permissions for this role apply if more specific permissions are not set for an individual custom dashboard.

Each custom dashboard inherits the default custom dashboard permissions unless you override the defaults by configuring separate explicit permissions for individual dashboards.

For example, you could have a custom dashboard called SalesDashboard and a custom role SalesRole, and a second custom dashboard called FinanceDashboard and a second custom role FinanceRole. The SalesRole could be configured to have permissions in the SalesDashboard but not in the FinanceDashboard and so on.

Creating custom dashboard templates requires the Configure 'My Dashboards' for Tiers and Nodes permission, which is set at the application level. See Application Permissions.

PermissionActivities EnabledMore Information
ViewView specific custom dashboardsCustom Dashboards
EditEdit specific custom dashboardsCustom Dashboards 
DeleteDelete specific custom dashboardsCustom Dashboards 
Can Create Custom DashboardsCreate new custom dashboardsCustom Dashboards 



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