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The Java Agent bootstraps using the javaagent command line option. Add this option to the cassandra (Linux) or cassandra.bat (Windows) file.

Instrument Cassandra in a Windows Environment

  1. Open the apache-cassandra-x.x.x\bin\cassandra.bat file.
  2. Add the Java Agent javaagent path to the JAVA_OPTS variable. Make sure to include the drive in the full path to the Java Agent directory.


    For example:

    set JAVA_OPTS=-ea
        . . .
  3. Restart the Cassandra server. The Cassandra server must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Instrument Cassandra in a Linux Environment

  1. Open the apache-cassandra-x.x.x/bin/cassandra.in.sh file.
  2. Add the javaagent argument at the top of the file:


    For example:

  3. Restart the Cassandra server for the changes to take effect.