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The AppDynamics Server Visibility module uses the Standalone Machine Agent to provide extended hardware metrics and Service Availability Monitoring. Server Visibility includes additional windows in the Controller UI that enable you to quickly see underlying infrastructure issues impacting your application performance. This means you can rapidly troubleshoot hardware performance problems that are impacting your applications.

Server Visibility must be Enabled on Machine Agent

To view basic hardware metrics without Server Visibility, see Viewing Hardware Metrics.

Server Visibility functionality requires the following: 

Server Visibility is currently available for Linux, Windows, and Solaris. You must do the following before you enable Server Visibility:



Feature Comparison


Server VisibilityStandalone Machine Agent
Supported Platforms

Linux, Windows, Solaris

Linux and Unix-like systems,
MacOS, and Windows
Extensions and Custom MetricsYesYes
Monitor Docker container metrics from the Docker host (New in 4.3.3)YesNo
Tier Metric CorrelatorYesNo
Dynamic Monitoring ModeYesNo
JVM Crash GuardYes


Remediation ScriptsYesYes

Server Visibility

Machine Agent
Graphical User InterfaceYesFunctionality is limited to viewing Machine Agent metrics in the Servers List

Extended Hardware Metrics

Service Availability MonitoringYesNo
Server metrics in transaction snapshotsYesNo
Server KPIs in application flow mapYesNo
Health rules for extended hardware metricsYesNo

Server Visibility Role-Base Access Control 

Server Visibility provides two default roles and two related permissions:

  • Server Visibility Administrator
  • Server Visibility User 
  • View Server Visibility permission
  • Configure Server Visibility (Service Availability) permission

For more details, see See Roles and Permissions.

Server Visibility User Interface

The Servers list provides key performance metrics for all your servers on a single window. 

The Servers > Dashboard shows key performance metrics for the selected machine, including the top 10 consumers of CPU and memory.

The Servers > Volumes window displays performance metrics for disks, partitions, and volumes for the selected machine.

The Servers > Network window shows network performance metrics for network interfaces on the selected machine.

The Servers > Processes window shows a configurable set of performance metrics for processes. 

Using the Server Visibility UI

The Server Visibility  user interface uses many of the same mechanisms that are common to the various windows of the Controller UI. The image below illustrates and briefly describes these mechanisms.

Watch the Video

For full-screen viewing, click Server Visibility Product Tour.