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You must register the images you have prepared on your cloud provider so that AppDynamics knows which ones to use in launching machine instances on the cloud.

Registering Images

You need to define the environment that you want AppDynamics to use in creating cloud-based workflows. You can define the environment, or images, from the Images page, which you can access the Cloud Auto-Scaling page accessible from the top menu.

In the page, click Register Image and enter a name and description of the image, which will appear when you are creating workflows. When configuring the image, you also need to specify the following:

  • The operating system used by this machine.
  • The cloud provider that you have previously registered. For instructions about registering providers, see Compute Clouds.
  • The format that the image is in, for example, AMI.
  • The image name and any other information required by your provider.

Test the Image Registration

After registering the image, you can test your set up by trying to launch an instance based on the image manually:

  1. In the Images window, select the image that you want to use.
  2. Click Launch Instance.

All running instances of this image are listed under the details for the image or in the Machines window. You can also restart or terminate the instances from this screen.


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