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A cloud auto-scaling action allows you to move instances of your application into a cloud provider automatically in response to load or any other criteria. To use this action, you must first set up your cloud provider and create workflows to manage the steps.

Automation and cloud features in the AppDynamics UI are hidden by default.

To show the automation features:
  1. Use the gear icon to access the My Preferences setting.
  2. In the Advanced Features panel check the box near Show Automation Features.

The Cloud Auto-Scaling menu is now available in the application-level and controller level menus. This gives you access to cloud-scaling features and workflow creation.

The scope of the main Cloud Auto-Scaling menu is global for the controller tenant. 

The scope of the Alert & Respond > Cloud Auto-Scaling action is the application.

To create a cloud auto-scaling action:
  1. Access the actions configuration window. See Create and Modify Actions in Actions.
  2. Select Run a Workflow to scale up/down your Application in the Create Action window and click OK..
  3. Name the workflow action and select the name of the previously created workflow from the dropdown list.
  4. Click OK.

See Cloud Auto-Scaling for more information on preparing cloud auto-scaling actions.

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