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Server Monitoring Metrics Reference

From the AppDynamics Controller top navigation bar, click Servers. On the Servers list double-click a server name and click the Network tab.

Server Network Metrics

On the Server Network tab for the selected server you can:

  • For each network interface, see the MAC, IPv4, and IPv6 address.
  • See whether or not the network interface is:
    • enabled
    • functional, its operational state
    • equipped with an ethernet cable that is plugged in
    • operating in full or half-full duplex mode

and the

    • maximum transmission unit (MTUor size (in bytes) of the largest protocol data unit that the network interface can pass
    • speed of the ethernet connection in Mbit/sec
  • View network throughput in kilobytes/sec and packet traffic.
  • Change the time period of the metrics displayed.
  • Hover over on any point on a chart to see the metric value for that time.


In some cases, the Standalone Machine Agent might be unable to determine the following:

  • Network device speed for some devices and some Linux versions. In this case, no metrics will appear on this page.
  • MTU for some Windows versions. In this case, the MTU will not appear on this page.

Metrics on the Server Network Window

The following describes the columns available for the Servers Network window.

For the selected network interface:

  • Network Throughput receivedThe volume of data received per second.
  • Network Throughput sent: The volume of data sent per second. 
  • Packets per sec incomingThe number of data packets received per second.
  • Packets per sec outgoing: The number of data packets sent per second.

For more details of the metrics shown here, see Server Monitoring Metrics Reference.

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