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The Database Agent is a Java program. The Database Agent queries the databases monitored to collect metrics and then passes these metrics for display in the Metric Browser - Database Monitoring, and in the Databases pages of the AppDynamics Controller UI. 

Installing the Database Agent involves putting the agent software on a machine that has network access to the databases you want to monitor and to the AppDynamics Controller. Make sure your environment meets the requirements described in the Database Monitoring Supported Environments and Versions, that your database platform and version is supported, and that you have the correct host and database permissions.  

The Controller supports multiple agents so if you have databases on networks that aren't accessible by one agent, you can install an agent to monitor each of your networks. A Database Agent can also act as a failover agent for another agent so you'll have 24/7 monitoring coverage. 

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to complete your installation:

Step 1: Prepare to Install the Database Agent

Step 2: Install the Database Agent

Step 3: Verify the Database Agent Installation

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