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When Browser RUM is enabled, the JavaScript agent collects browser snapshots for:

  • every base page (including virtual pages), iframe, and Ajax request; these serve as a heartbeat snapshot
  • the slowest page by every region, every device and every browser
  • unique JavaScript errors; identified by script name and line number
  • unique Ajax errors; identified by the HTTP error code in the Ajax response

For more information about browser snapshot collection, see Configure Browser Snapshot Collection.

The Browser Snapshots tab 

A list of available browser snapshots appears. You can change the timeframe of your search by changing the Time Frame dropdown menu. 

List Key

Normal user experience
 Slow user experience
Very slow user experience
JavaScript errors.  To see more information on the error, hover over the icon and a popup with summary information appears.
Correlated server side transaction snapshot exists

Snapshot includes resource timing information

Open the Snapshot

  • Double-click the snapshot that you want to examine, or
  • Select the snapshot that you want to examine and click View Browser Snapshot.

Browser Snapshot Types

There are three browser snapshot types, depending on whether the original object was a page, an iframe, or an Ajax request.